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Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Blanket

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The Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Blanket is the most exceptional crisis cover available. The blanket was given much detail in planning never to fall flat when you're relying on it with your life. It was made with space-age technology. The material is a treatment of vacuum-metabolized polyethylene mirrors 90% of your body warmth while likewise offering various other critical components that set it separated from customary Mylar covers: it opens effectively and won't shred if scratched or punctured, and tears can be repaired with duct tape, won't crease in high winds. And its orange color outside makes it simple for rescuers to discover you in bad weather emergency situations. It is made to fit one person. And looks like a big sheet of aluminum foil. The remarkable durability of the Emergency Blanket can also work as a ground cloth, cover your gear during a rain from getting wet, plus it folds flat easily and can be packed. When folding press out all the air, fold lengthwise twice, then in half, and just keep folding pushing all the air out. This is one survival blanket to put on your camping accessories list.


You can use the SOL Emergency Blanket under your tent as a ground cover. Also can be placed under your sleeping bag and wrap it over as much as you can. That way the emergency blanket traps the heat that your body gives off to keep you warm. It can be used to heat up food near the coals of a fire. Every camper or hiker should put a couple of emergency blankets in their first aid kit, for an unexpected emergency. Instructions for survival and first-aid are printed directly on the Adventure Medical SOL Emergency Blanket for convenience. Take more than one with you, put one in your vehicle, backpack, first aid kit, boat, or it is small enough to just fit in your pocket.The SOL Emergency Blanket is measured to fit one adult individual and is rectangular shaped. Features include weight: 2.5 ounces, Size: 56 inches by 84 inches. The Manufacturer is: Adventure Medical, Manufacturer ID: 0140-1222, UPC Bar code: 707708212222




- Fits one adult person - rectangular shaped
- Resists tearing and will not shred like Mylar blankets durability
- Can be repaired with duct tape
- Shelter from the elements - windproof, waterproof from rain, sun, temperature,
- Folds flat easily
- Small enough to pack, in a pocket, backpack, first aid kit, vehicle, boat.
- Survival and first-aid instructions are printed directly on the blanket for convenience


- Can also be used as a ground cloth, gear cover, first aid blanket, and more.
- Helps you to survive outside longer in emergency situations
- Reflects 90 percent of your body heat
- Weight: 2.5 oz
- Size: 56" x 84"
- Color: reflective orange so rescuers can find you


- Manufacturer: Adventure Medical

 - Manufacturer ID: 0140-1222

 - UPC Bar code: 707708212222


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