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Optimus Sparky Handheld Piezo Gas Stove Lighter

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The Optimus Sparky Handheld Piezo Gas Stove Lighter is a solid approach to sparking the flame for lighting your gas stove. The handheld piezo gadget with an attached cord lanyard can be utilized with both canister and fluid fuel stoves. One of a kind configuration permits lighting from side of stove for well being. The Optimas Sparky Handheld Piezo Gas Stove Lighter does not use flammable fuel, so it can not run dry. It uses a electrical spark to light your stove. Why bother with matches or butane lighters, when you can use a Sparky Piezo Gas Stove Lighter. This outdoor fire starter can easily be carried in camping and hiking backpacks for a quick fire.

Features include a handheld piezo gadget that is a simple and solid way to lighting your  stove. The cord lanyard is included for attachment or hanging up. The Piezo Gas Stove lighter works easily by a push of a button at the end of a steel tube to get a spark.The spark end is protected from damage by the tube acting as a hood. It has an ergonomic grip for comfort and packs easily, because of its size. It can be used with both canister and liquid fuel gas stoves. It has gas intake holes at the tip of the igniter for safe lighting. The color is Lime Green for easily seeing. It is light weight at 14 grams. The dimensions are 70 X 25 mm. It is made up of material from stainless steel and plastic. The Manufacturer is Optimus. The Manufacture ID is 8018913. And the UPC Bar code is 604375189133.


- Handheld gadget -  Sparky Piezo gas stove lighter
- Comes with lanyard cord
- Easily and quickly works by a push of a button to get a spark
- Ergonomic grip
- Safely light a fuel stove
- Packs easily
- Can be used with both canister and liquid fuel stoves

- Gas intake holes at the tip of the igniter for safe lighting
- Doesn't use flammable fuels
- Color: Lime Green
- Weight: 14 g
- Dimensions: 70 X 25 mm
- Material: Stainless steel, plastic

- Manufacturer: Optimus

- Manufacture ID: 8018913

- UPC Bar code: 604375189133


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