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Outdoor Fire Starters

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Outdoor Fire Starters To Light A Stove, A Campfire Or For Survival 

Having more than one outdoor fire starters to start a

fire is the best source when you are outdoors camping and  hiking


What happens if just one outdoor fire starters like your matches get wet and don't strike or your flip lighter dries up? You could be in an emergency or survival mode at this point. That's why it is better to have more than one outdoor fire starter. We have Ultimate Survival Matches in a waterproof case to keep your matches dry in case of wet conditions. At Sparky Camping Gear we carry two flint  fire starters that can be carried in your pocket or stuffed in your backpack. Then we have what I call a sure fire starter. Just push the button and you got a spark for a fire. They work every time, no worries. But they are a little larger in size. Put a fire starter in with your cookware or stove, your backpack, pocket, or vehicle just as long as you have an extra one. We offer waterproof matches, an easy stove lighter, flint and magnesium fire starters, and more in camping and hiking accessories.