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Texsport Tent Seam Sealer Waterproof Polyurethane

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Texsport Tent Seam Sealer Waterproof Polyurethane is one of many tent accessories that  can be sprayed on all seams inside and outside, can be sprayed twice, just let first coat dry completely usually 24 hours. Spraying in the sun is all right, however, avoid windy conditions. Be sure and spray all stitching and anywhere water might collect in your camping tent. This Seam Sealer Waterproof Polyurethane features include: works well on all synthetic fabrics including camping tents, rain-flies, backpacks and outerwear. It is colorless, washable, and flexible. Professional strength, no odor after it drys, protects from sun, water, and dirt, reduces fading done by the sun, drys clear and is washable, adds life to your camping tent, comes in 14 ounce spray can. This seam sealer is one item I would add to my tent accessories for a more pleasant camping trip with no drips from rain. Manufacturer: Texsport, Manufacturer ID: 15615, UPC Bar code: 049794156159.


- Works well on all synthetic fabrics including tents, rain-flies, backpacks and outerwear

- It is colorless, washable and flexible

- Professional strength

- No odor after it drys-

- Protects from sun, water, and dirt

- Reduces fading done by the sun,

- Adds life to your tent

- Comes in a 14 ounce spray can.

- Manufacturer: Texsport

- Manufacturer ID: 15615

- UPC Bar code: 049794156159


Shipping Dimensions:

Item Weight: 1.05 pounds
Billable Weight: 1.8 pounds
Dimensions: 2.50" (W) X 8.00" (L) X 2.50" (D)


Limited 1 year warranty